Bluetooth headset itself not heavy very comfortable to wear

However, the Bluetooth headset itself is not heavy and it is very comfortable to wear. The in-ear design conforms to human mechanics, and it is very stable to wear and can be used when exercising.
In terms of battery life, if the WF-SP900 is used as a Bluetooth headset with a mobile phone, it can be fully charged and can be played continuously for 3 hours at a time, with a charging box for a total of 12 hours of battery life. If you use the WF-SP900 as a pure music player, you can listen for 6 hours with a full charge, and it can last for a total of 21 hours with the charging box. The ultra-long distance of more than ten meters is still stable and continuous. Even running, hiking and other sports, it will not be easily disconnected.

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